Women’s Ministry Discipleship Groups

D-Groups are small groups of women who study God’s word together.

Participating in a D-Group is a bit different than other Bible Study groups in that they are smaller and last longer (approximately 12-18 months). It is different from a traditional teacher-led group.  At group time, members will discuss the passage(s), pray together, and work on scripture memory.  The bond between members that develops over time in a D-Group is intended to encourage and inspire the participants into a deeper walk with the Lord.  Inevitably, group members develop deeper friendships with each other as well.  We call this process “doing life together!”

Web-Button_D-GroupsTo understand our goals for D-Groups more clearly, we recommend that anyone who is interested first take the step of reading a short book which explains it well. The book is called “Growing Up” and is written by a Baptist Pastor, Robby Gallaty.  Here is a link to the book on Amazon.  This book explains the ‘Why’ of D-Groups, and gives a suggested structure on what to do during group time. There are many resources on the topic of discipleship available today, but this is one that Tallowood leadership offers as a good on-ramp to discipleship groups.

Quick overview of how a D-Group can get started:

  • You can form your own D-group of 3-5 women who are interested in investing more deeply in their relationship with the Lord.  Ideally these are women you already know and have a relationship with, but that isn’t required. If you need help forming a group, the Women’s Ministry Discipleship Team can help, but ideally you form your own group.
  • Once your group is formed, you all agree on a regular meeting time and place that works for everyone.  Some groups rotate locations among their homes, or at the church, or even a restaurant!  If you decide to meet at the church, please contact the Women’s Ministry Office to arrange for a room.  Please note: if your group chooses to meet during the school year, on a Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, or a Wednesday evening, childcare is available by making a reservation.  Please call the church for details.
  • As for who leads it, D-Groups are not designed to function as as you might think, such as one teacher with 3-4 students.  Instead, the members study the Bible together and share in the group leadership.  Your group can decide to nominate one person who serves as the group facilitator (who emails out reminders, prayer requests, etc.)  You could also ask one person to guide the group in terms of keeping it on time and on task. Or, members of the group could take turns leading a meeting.
  • At group time, we recommend starting by reading the book, “Growing Up” together if you all haven’t read it before meeting for the first time. The book has 10 chapters and is a fairly easy read.  The group could commit to reading one chapter per week and then discuss the chapter when they meet.  Each chapter has a memory verse associated with it as well.  Many groups begin an in-depth study of the Bible after they finish the book.  Other groups use a more formal curriculum to guide them.  The Women’s Ministry can recommend other options for your group.
  • The group also commits to praying with and for one another regularly. Overall, the purpose of this is to help each member to become a disciple of Jesus — one who learns from Him, lives like Him, and leads others to do the same. D-Groups work best when all members are committed to the regular meeting time, since group participation is essential.

After about 12-18 months, we hope that groups will branch out and launch a new group with new members. No one will be forced to do this of course, but we hope and pray that as a result of your group time, you will want to start a new one, eventually!

We also offer two special D-Groups that use specific curriculum:


SONSHIP is a small group using curriculum developed by Jody Mayhew, who has 20 years of Women’s Ministry leadership experience.  The curriculum spans one year, and moves along at the pace the of the group’s choosing.  Through walking through Scripture slowly, along with praying and listening for God’s word, women grow in their walk with Christ together. This summer we will focus on “Come Follow Me”.

Led by Stephanie Heflin.  Meets on Wednesday mornings 9:30-11:45. Click here to register for the summer group starting in June.

A Tuesday morning group will resume in Fall 2018. Check here for fall registration links.


This group uses materials developed by church member, Betty York, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT and seminary graduate. The lessons look at contemporary issues and how to apply biblical truth to each issue.  This spring, the group will discuss NATIONAL INTEGRITY. Lessons include the topic of racism, idolatry, good and evil, and accountability.

Led by Betty York. This class will resume Fall 2018.  Watch this page for the registration link!

We invite you to grow in your relationship with Jesus as a member of a D-Group!

Let us know if you have questions!  For more information about D-Groups, please contact the Women’s Ministry Discipleship Team Leader, Dana Dudley, at ddudley5@comcast.net.