5 loaves, 2 fish, and a cello- Tuesday July 3

This trip continues to be incredible. God is working in wonderful ways and is blessing us immensely. After a very short night we were up and on the buses again and we were headed to São José dos Campos’ City Hall to sing for the city council and the employees. After this the choir and orchestra split up to go to different ministry venues. The choir went to the Johnson and Johnson plant to sing for the employees and the orchestra went to a social hangout for senior citizens. It was neat to get out into the community and share our gift of music.

For lunch we all went to the mall and ate at the food court. Having 120 people who don’t speak Portuguese trying to order food was an interesting experience but we survived! After lunch we went further into the mall and sang a mini-concert. After the concert Brenda Hallock had a chance to talk with two girls and they gave their lives to Christ! God is at work here!

We had a short break back at the hotel before we headed to our venue for our evening concert. Tonight we sang at the municipal theater to another packed house. Part of the concert was even broadcast live on the radio! Prior to the concert we were short a cello so Eddy and Alex went to a music shop below the theater to see about renting a cello and the store did not do this, but a teen standing nearby overheard. He approached and said he had a cello at home and called his dad to bring it and they stayed for the concert. They said they are coming to our concert tomorrow. God was surely in this situation.

Continue to pray that God work in the lives of those who we come in contact with.

The Choir and Orchestra with the city employees

The Choir singing at the Johnson and Johnson plant

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  1. priscila

    July 4, 2012

    Agradeço a Deus pela vida de cada componente deste grande conjunto, ontem no teatro através das apresentações pude sentir o grande amor de Deus por nós. Deus seja louvado sempre, e que vocês continuem sendo testemunhas vivas do amor de Deus pelas almas. Deus abençõe a todos


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