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In a continuing effort to call everyone to be devoted followers of Christ, loving Him with all of our heart and passing our faith on to the next generation, John Trent called us to “The Blessing Challenge” and shared “4 Ways to Create a Culture of the Blessing” in our homes and with special people in our lives.

Understanding the blessing:

The blessing is a powerful tool with which we communicate acceptance and genuine commitment to a child or loved one. The word comes from the ancient practice of weighing coins on a scale to determine value. Blessing others “adds value” to his or her life.

The blessing is a way of helping children and adults experience, at the deepest level of their hearts, the certainty that they are highly valued and forever treasured by someone incredibly significant in their life.


Resources to help you with the [email protected]:

Download the [email protected] guide

Download Idea Card-Kids Fat Cat Bedtime Blessing

Download Idea Card- Blessing Notes

Download The Blessing Testimony video

Download the [email protected] podcast


Additional Resources:

Use these recommended resources to become even more intentional about giving the gift of the blessing in your home.

  • The Blessing by John Trent, Ph.D., and Gary Smalley describe the meaning and process of giving all five elements of the blessing, and explores the impact in a person’s like when missed. Available in the bookshop and library.
  • Bedtime Blessings, by John Trent, Ph.D., is an easy-to-use bedside resource creating meaningful moments of blessing between a parent or grandparent and younger children. Available in the bookshop and library.
  • Blessing Your Husband, by Debra Evans, provides practical suggestion for women who want to affirm and bless their husbands. Available in the bookshop and library.
  • Giving The Blessing–Listen to a portion of Dr. John Trent’s seminar including an overview of the five elements of the blessing. Pick up a FREE CD copy at the Devoted Center or download to listen to his podcast.
  • For other ideas or information, visit the Devoted Center before or after any service.