High School Hagiazo Groups

Hagiazo Group Registration Form

Are you a high school student that wants to follow Christ with all of your heart , grow in the knowledge of God and claim your faith as your own?

Are you a high school student with a desire for genuine fellowship with others, digging into God’s Word, obeying what He says, memorizing scripture and committed to prayer?

Are you a high school student that will do your best to spend time alone with God every day and journal what He is saying to you?

Are you a high school student that wants to develop a prayer list of needs, concerns and others who need to know Jesus?

If this is you, sign up for a Tallowood home group. Home groups meet in six to eight week chunks each semester.

We call our home groups “Hagiazo Groups.”  Hagiazo is the Greek word for sanctify. Jesus prayed for us and said, “Sanctify them by your word. Your word is truth,” John 17:17. Hagiazo means set apart for sacred use. To make holy.

That’s what home groups are, a group of students who want God to sanctify them as they dig into His Word.  Here are the basics!

Requirements for participation

  • Be in high school
  • Be willing to memorize scripture each week and follow a reading plan.
  • Attend each week if possible


  • 9-12th grade led by Tommy and Cindy Brown. Meets at the Brown’s home.

****Contact the Student Ministry Office for contact information and directions to our host homes.  Email us  OR  call 713.468.8241 ext. 8165


  • Happening now at the Brown’s
  • 7:30-9:00pm


If you are interested in being a part of one of these groups, complete a registration form and turn in to Jerome or Micah.