Staff Listing

Church number: 713.468.8241


Alice Pullin, Outreach Director, ext. 8171  Email Alice

Allyson Pimentil, Director of Special Needs Ministry, ext. 8222 Email Allyson

Amy Hendrix, Student Ministry Administrative Assistant, ext. 8165  Email Amy

Amy Keeler, Financial Assistant AP, ext. 8167  Email Amy

Barbie Batura, Administrative Assistant to Doyle Lowry, ext. 8147 Email Barbie

Betsy Samu, Business Administrator, ext. 8159  Email Betsy

Carlos Ichter, Pastor of Music & Worship, ext. 8137  Email Carlos

Carolyn Soto Jackson, Administrative Assistant to Carlos Ichter, ext. 8137 Email Carolyn

Carolyn Walker, Database Administrator, ext. 8160  Email Carolyn

Cindy Hessel, Communications Assistant, ext. 8128  Email Cindy

Cindy Lutz, Executive Assistant to Duane Brooks, ext. 8131 Email Cindy

Dana Dudley, Prayer Ministry Associate, ext. 8154  Email Dana

Debbie Barker, TAFA / Orchestra Manager, ext. 8123 Email Debbie

Debra Hogue, Properties Administrative Assistant, ext. 8174  Email Debra

Doyle Lowry, Pastor of Discipleship and Education, ext. 8122  Email Doyle

Duane Brooks, Pastor, ext. 8131  Email Duane

Gary Revis, Director of Communications, ext. 8188 Email Gary

Gregg Robinson, Executive Chef, ext. 8191 Email Gregg

Jan Smith, Culinary Services Director, ext. 8151  Email Jan

Jason Lee, Chinese Pastor, ext. 8172  Email Jason

Jeremy Scott, Minister of Missions & Evangelism, ext. 8183  Email Jeremy

Jerome Smith, Minister to Families, ext. 8166  Email Jerome

Joy Cryer, Librarian, ext. 8152  Email Joy

Kasey Fagan, Preschool Minister, ext. 8113  Email Kasey

Kara Lyles, Administrative Assistant to Kasey Fagan, ext. 8144  Email Kara

Kathy Lynn Ruthstrom, Receptionist, ext. 0  Email Kathy Lynn

Kelsey Goodspeed, Kids Ministry Assistant, ext. 8175  Email Kelsey

Kendall Wilbanks, Financial Assistant, ext. 8173  Email Kendall

Larry Bertrand, Associate Pastor, ext. 8164  Email Larry

Lauri Bridgen, Administrative Assistant to Betsy Samu and Calendar Coordinator, ext. 8199  Email Lauri

Leticia Culver, Childcare for Children’s Ministry, ext. 8158

Lisa Keeling, Minister to Kids, ext. 8143   Email Lisa

Miguel Ortiz, Director of Technology, ext. 8182  Email Miguel

Paige Holden, Student Ministry Associate Email Paige

Pat Uhlin, Childcare for Preschool Ministry, ext. 8150

Robin Okpara, Administrative Assistant to Larry Bertrand, Jerome Smith & Prayer Ministry, ext. 8134  Email Robin

Ron Wells, Printing Production, ext. 8169  Email Ron

Sandra Townsend, Mother’s Day Out Director, ext. 8149 Email Sandra

Sarah Lattimer, Music Ministry Administrative Assistant, ext. 8136  Email Sarah

Shawn Shannon, Minister of Spiritual Formation, ext. 8125  Email Shawn

Sky Howard, Music & Worship Associate, ext. 8100  Email Sky

Steve Felts, Properties Director, ext. 8110  Email Steve

Susie Low, Children’s Choir Director, ext. 8145  Email Susie

Sylvia Avila, Missions & Women’s Administrative Assistant, ext. 8120   Email Sylvia