The Astonishing Jesus

March 15, 2015

Matthew 16:13-19 | |

Welcome to worship with the church at Tallowood!  In our series on relationships we thought about raising shameless children last week.  By believing in God’s only Son, we find forgiveness and release from our shame as parents and children.  Today I am delighted to introduce my Assistant Pastor Joshua Barrett to you as our Saturday night and Sunday morning preacher.  Joshua has been preaching on Sunday nights, preaching in other churches and teaching Sunday School since he and his wife Laura arrived late last summer.  God has called him and gifted him to preach the good news.  We pray and look forward to hearing the Lord speak through Joshua.  Pastor Larry Bertrand, our Associate Pastor and Family Minister, who has served Tallowood for over 35 years will be our preacher on Sunday night.  Larry ministers with us in too many ways to count.  We will gratefully hear the word of the Lord through Larry.  See you next week when we will look at our relationships in our workplaces.  God is good!