Spiritual Community: Incorporated and Inhabited

June 7, 2015

Ephesians 2:18-22 | | Series:

“We did not know there was a Holy Spirit!”  That is what the people in Ephesus told Paul when they first met.  Then the Spirit of God came and formed a church, a Christian community in Ephesus.  Years later Paul wrote the Letter to the Ephesians.  A recent reading reminded me of the essential, irreplaceable role of the Holy Spirit in creating relationships in the church.  The Spirit brings all the different kinds of people in our world together in unity and community.  In the words of the old hymn, we are praying this summer, “Sweet Holy Spirit, Sweet heavenly Dove, stay right here with us, filling us with your love . . .”  Welcome to worship with this Community of the Spirit at Tallowood!