Made for Relationship

June 14, 2015

Genesis 5:24; 6:9; 39:1-6; Mark 1:11,35 | |

Welcome to worship with Tallowood! We are delighted that you have come to join us today. My family is celebrating an out of town wedding this weekend with dear friends and fellow members of Tallowood. In 2014, we spent a year thinking together about making disciples. This year, we have focused on the second part of our 2020 vision, making relationships. Next year we will think together about making an impact for the Kingdom of God. As we continue to drill down on how the Holy Spirit is empowering us to build life-giving relationships at Tallowood, our Missions Minister Eddy Hallock is preaching this weekend for me. Eddy and his wife Brenda served as career missionaries in Rio de Janeiro Brazil before they returned to the United States. As a member of our Executive Staff, Eddy leads all of our mission ministries at Tallowood including the continuing fulfillment of our vision of planting over thirty churches in our city, state and world. Welcome Eddy to preach God’s word to us this weekend. Welcome all who come to Tallowood today. There is a place for you in this Community of Joy!