Invitation to Redemption

January 4, 2015

Isaiah 1:1-18 | |

Happy New Year!  It is our tradition at Tallowood to start the year sharing the Lord’s Supper.  As we come together we remember the words of the prophet Isaiah who reminded his people of their sin and called them to repentance.  It is so tempting for us to see others as sinners and to ignore our own sin.  But what if we recognized our own rebellion against God?  What would we do?  Be more moral?  It sounds good.  Get more religious to make up for our mistakes?  God says, “No.”  We are worse off than we thought, but more loved than we had imagined.  God’s invitation to redemption is waiting our response.  What will we do?  Come let us reason . . .  Welcome to worship in 2015 with Tallowood Baptist Church.