In Step with the Spirit Who Stays and Sustains Through Suffering

August 16, 2020

Acts 20:17-25 | | Series:

If we are in God’s will, won’t life always go well?  Don’t people with faith avoid every illness, always have financial resources and abound in all wisdom?  Paul would have said an emphatic, “No.”  In a final meeting with the leaders of the church in Ephesus he says the Holy Spirit has bound him to go to Jerusalem.  Then he says the same Holy Spirit speaks through people in every city telling him he will suffer imprisonment and trials if he goes to Jerusalem.  Wait. Doesn’t this mean the Spirit knows he will suffer and still leads him to go?  How can that be?  Following Jesus does not exempt us from trouble.  So we must make sure that like Paul the trouble we get into is “good trouble,” trouble for doing the right things.   We can trust God to sustain us even when he leads us through times of suffering.In