In Step with the Spirit of Conviction

June 14, 2020

John 15:7-11; Acts 2:31-41 | | Series:

How did you first know the Holy Spirit? In a “King James” church I read about the Holy Ghost and sang the doxology, “Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” This intrigued me. I knew there was a Holy Spirit, but I wasn’t always sure what he did. In seminary I learned about the “Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.” I suppose no one knew the Spirit better than the Son and Father. Jesus taught about the Holy Spirit the night before he was crucified. As we “Keep in step with the Spirit,” who is the Spirit of life and the Spirit of love, we learn from Jesus that the Spirit is the Spirit of conviction who shows us our sin and shows us our Savior so that we may believe and be saved, just like the 3000 at Pentecost.