God’s Mysterious Kingdom

November 3, 2013

Mark 4:26-29 | |

Welcome to worship with Tallowood!   Joyfully, Melanie and I are in Waco this weekend celebrating the wedding of our eldest son Graham and his fiancée Abigail Risner.   While we are away, my friend Dr. David Garland, Dean of Truett Seminary is preaching.  Dr. Garland served as Interim President of Baylor a few years ago.  He is a great leader, scholar and author.  Best of all, as a great follower of Jesus Christ, he proclaims the gospel with exceptional clarity and passion.  We welcome him this weekend and hear the word of the Lord gladly.  Next weekend I will continue our series in the book of Revelation on Saturday night and Sunday morning looking at the church in Philadelphia as described in Revelation 3:7-13.