Caught in Awe and Adoration

August 26, 2012

Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 14:24-25 | | Series:

Worship is a verb.  Bud Wilkinson once defined football as 22,000 people who desperately need exercise watching 22 people who desperately need rest.  Worship can be that way.  We can focus on the performers and personalities so that they can worship right in front of us.  We can be spectators.  Or we can be participants.   We find a great example in the first church in Jerusalem where they were all in, all together all the time and they were all caught up in awe and adoration.  Does that describe us?  Why or why not?  Paul reminds us that we as believers need to so worship that if perchance (God grant that it may be so) that persons who are not Christians walk in they might say, “God is really here!”  One thing we know as we worship today:  God is here.  All here.  Really here.  Are we?