Behind and Before

March 16, 2014

Hebrews 12:1-2 | |

Welcome to worship with Tallowood!  As we are away ordaining a young minister in Central Texas and visiting with family, I am pleased to welcome a good friend and fellow pastor The Reverend Dave Peterson to our pulpit. Dave serves as Pastor Emeritus at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church here in the Memorial area of Houston.  You will recall his leadership as the innovator of Men’s Life in Houston and as the leader of the Luis Palau community event some years ago.  He invited me to co-teach Men’s Life with him at First United Methodist some years ago.  Dave has been a great encourager and tremendous influence on my life and ministry.  We welcome Dave and his wife Terri today.  I will return next week to continue our Habits of Disciples series with a message called Koinonia or Koinonitis?