Scriptbook Volume 5

This scriptbook is designed for all level groups. The cost of this scriptbook is $15.00 and the purchasing group can make copies of the scripts. An invoice will be enclosed with the items. After 30 days, remit funds or return the product to us. To order, email us.

Scriptbook Volume 5 contents

“So….What’s in the Box?” Each actor has put something else in the “God” box of their lives. The things they have chosen are not inherently bad, they are just not supposed to take the place of God and his perfect unconditional love for us. As a result, they are distorted in their view of life’s most important things.

“Giving it to God” A script with actors struggling with their financial commitments to God

“Giving More than Gold” This entertaining script looks at tithing and how our culture influences our giving patterns. This would be great for a stewardship Sunday.

“Is That Your Final Answer?” Actors hear about various life choices and must make a choice

“The Circle of Faith” A “Christian” organization must deal with groups in other lands who are also “Christian” but practice some things differently. The script is about learning to accept diversity in faith expression.

“Isn’t That Good News” This missionary script explores why we choose to reach out beyond our “borders.”

“Who Will Hear My Voice?” This missionary script allows individuals from all over the world to appeal for someone to come to them.

“Acts” This is a creative setting of Acts 2

“Colossians” This is a creative setting of selections from the book of Colossians

“Philippians” This is a creative setting of selections from Philippians

“Follow Me” This is a creative setting of selections from the Sermon on the Mount. It would be helpful to see the visual presentation of this.

“The Roman Message” This is taken from “The Message”. This setting from Romans seeks to creatively express this passage. The lines with letters should be spoken by the same actor.

“Help Me If You Can, I’m Feeling Down” A series of actors are “having a bad day.” A message on what to do when bad things happen is a good follow up to this.

“I Would” The struggle of parenting, independence and faith are clear in this script.

“What’s Got Your Tongue” This funny, fast paced script explores the power of the tongue for good and for naught. Coordination of stage space will be essential to making this one work, but is well worth the effort.

“You Like Him Best!” Parents showing favorites is a modern setting of the story of Jacob and Esau and is designed to set up a message of parenting and sibling rivalry.

“Three Who Saw Him” A script for a Good Friday Service