Scriptbook Volume 4

This scriptbook is designed for all level groups. The cost of this scriptbook is $15.00 and the purchasing group can make copies of the scripts. An invoice will be enclosed with the items. After 30 days, remit funds or return the product to us. To order, email us.

Scriptbook Volume 4 contents

“Flix” This light hearted script styled after the TV series “Friends” turns Friday night “Flick night” into an opportunity for life lessons.

“The Ride of Life” Using an amusement park roller coaster ride as a backdrop we learn about faith and church life.

“For Better or for Worse” Two soon-to-be-weds encounter some problems in a psychologist’s office.

“Which Way is Out?” This script shows some of life’s temptations and should go with a message on ways of escaping them.

“Help Me If You Can I’m Feeling Down” This light-hearted script looks at people who are having REALLY bad days. It should go with a message of how we respond when things go wrong.

“As Close As Your Underwear” This light-hearted scripture setting of Jeremiah 13 tells us that God longs to be close to us-as close as our underwear.

“One Psalm” This is a creative setting of Psalm chapter 1.

“Gone Fishing” This is a scripture setting of Jesus calling his apostles.

“Romans the Eighth” This is a creative scripture setting of Romans 8.

“Good Friday Monologues” More perspectives of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

“The Day After the Sleepless Night” This script shows how the same women who helped place Jesus in the tomb had enough hope to return there on Sunday morning.

“Easter Musical Drama” This narrative allows for choral/solo pieces to be inserted into the action to form music drama for the Easter season.

“Resolutions” This light-hearted script written for a late December or early January performance is about New Year’s resolutions.