Scriptbook Volume 3

This scriptbook is designed for all level groups. The cost of this scriptbook is $15.00 and the purchasing group can make copies of the scripts. An invoice will be enclosed with the items. After 30 days, remit funds or return the product to us. To order, email us.

Scriptbook Volume 3 contents

“The Story of Parry” This script in a solo fairy tale, story-telling format talks about a candle finding his destiny.

“Jailhouse Locksmith” This script about four actors is jail for their sins-gossip, jealousy, pride-and the “locksmith” that got them out of jail.

“To Them That Weight” This light-hearted script looks as forgiveness and the consequences of an unforgiving spirit.

“Perspectives” This script takes a light-hearted look at a mother and daughter who view a particular event VERY differently from each other.

“An Open Door” People on the outside of a church service discuss why they would be uncomfortable going inside. Uses the Larnelle Harris song of the same name.

“But, Who is My Neighbor?” This light-hearted script looks at the parable of the Good Samaritan.

“The Mystery at Virginia Snows” This one-act play set at the reading of the will for a departed high school choral director reunites her “favorite” class for an evening of fun and personal growth.

“The Waiting Room” The script of four people waiting to get into heaven shows four very different approaches to the problem.

“The Letter” When a Christmas present from God arrives in the mail, it gets the whole family in a stir. The script shows non-seasonal adaptations.

“Zap!” Using a TV remote control as a “life allegory” 6 actors try to solve their life’s problems.

“Tough Choices” Actors show the internal struggle that occurs in life’s difficult situations.

“Perspectives of His Sacrifice” Four monologues look at Christ’s crucifixion.

“The Road to Sacrifice” A script about Christ’s crucifixion and his death for us.

“When Angels Speak” This Christmas “rap” tells the story of THAT night in an unconventional way.