Scriptbook Volume 2

This scriptbook is designed for more advanced groups. The scripts are longer than Scriptbook Volume 1. The cost of this scriptbook is $15.00 and the purchasing group can make copies of the scripts. An invoice will be enclosed with the items. After 30 days, remit funds or return the product to us. To order, email us.

Scriptbook Volume 2 contents

“The High Rise” This script is about the true meaning of love and finding the lesson in a most unlikely place-the life of a homeless woman.

“When in Rome” This script takes the writings of Paul being taught, understood and misunderstood in a modern classroom setting.

“Forgive For Good” This script takes the parable of the unforgiving servant and sets it in a light-hearted melodrama complete with villains and audience reaction.

“CNN . . .on the Throne” Using the Larry King Live format, King David faces America for an interview.

“Hope” This script set in the middle of a worship service lets the audience “hear” the thoughts of worshippers who are in seemingly hopeless situations.

“Praises Alive” This lengthy scripture setting is taken from the Psalms.

“Tales from the Crib” These scripts take a light-hearted look at the night Jesus was born.

“The Nu U” This script set in Christmas 2050 looks at who God made us to be and the struggle we often have to be something else. Script has “non-seasonal” adaptations included.

“A Secret Silence” This Christmas script shows us an adult remembering ack to the first Christmas after his father had left the family alone.

“On Christmas Mountain” This Christmas script about discovering the true meaning of the season takes place during a bus break down in the Colorado Mountains on Christmas Eve.