Scriptbook Volume 1

This scriptbook is designed for beginning groups. This is the only scriptbook that has an accompanying video that follows the book exactly. (There is no video of the final “musical” in the book.) The cost of this scriptbook is $10.00 and the purchasing group can make copies of the scripts. An invoice will be enclosed with the items. After 30 days, remit funds or return the product to us. To order, email us.

Scriptbook Volume 1 contents

“Break Forth Into Psalms” a scripture setting of Psalms 90-100

“Song of David” a scripture setting of David’s writings from scriptures not found in the Psalms.

“Isaiah 6” a scripture setting of the first eight verses of Isaiah 6

“Isaiah Sees the Christ” a scripture setting of the Messianic verses in Isaiah

“Jesus Is” Using Colossians 1: 15-20 as a backdrop, this script contrasts aspects of Jesus’ character.

“Lost Things” This is a light-hearted look at the parable of the lost sheep, lost coin and the lost son.

“The Sower and the Seed” This is a light-hearted look at the parable of the seeds.

“Secret Shining” Adapted from a chapter of Max Lucado’s book “God Came Near” this light-hearted script “hears” from candles in a storage closet.

“An Impossible God” This script looks at the lives of the rich young ruler, arah (Abram’s wife), and the apostle Paul.

“Idols” This script exposes the things in our lives that attempt to keep God off His throne.

“Be The One” This script deals with persons facing life’s difficulties (broken relationships, divorce, death of spouse, etc) and uses the Al Denson song of the same title.

“The Big Rap” This is a bee-bop setting of the gospel message.

“The Choice is Yours” This script places the cosmic significance of Christ’s claims in balance with our right to choose if we follow him.

“Twins” Two unborn siblings face the realities of life on the “outside”.