Pray 4 Every Home

What is it?

A collaborative prayer effort of many churches, many believers to pray for every household – by name.

Imagine it. What might God do?

  • What divine appointments might be kept?
  • How might our neighborhoods be changed?
  • How many broken relationships could be restored?
  • Would we experience a miraculous disciple-making explosion?

Why pray for neighbors?

In a typical community — with 100 average neighbors —  here’s reality:

7 struggle with depression & thoughts of suicide

7 more abuse or are addicted to drugs or alcohol

14 are crippled with fear & anxiety

60 don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior

How do I get involved? It’s simple!

  1. Sign up online as a Praying Neighbor
  2. Your Neighbor list is immediately displayed
  3. Pray for 5 neighbors a day, using the daily prayer prompt

Join other believers in prayer and sign up today at –