Free & Exciting Activities
for children 4 (born by 09-01-2016) through 5th grade

5:50-6:50  Choirs meet by age with highly experienced teachers

6:55-7:40  Missions meet by age with mission minded teachers to help them discover the world that needs Jesus

Pre-K & K meet together for Mission Friends
1st-5th grade girls meet by age for GA’s
1st-5th grade boys meet together for RA’s

Online registration will give you the opportunity to sign up for both groups.  Online registration will open at a date to be determined.



Start-up date will be announced when we have one.

Choirs will ‘keep on singing,’ our theme for the year.

  • Teachers will offer fun, exciting musical things to do and learn
  • Teachers will love the children

2020 is our year to present a Christmas program.  Can’t wait to share Jesus’ birth story.


  • we’ll send emails
  • we’ll keep attendance for year-end awards
  • we plan to sing in church if at all possible
  • we’ll have hymnal memory
  • we’ll give new hymnals at the end of the year
  • we’ll try to give appropriate parties
  • we’ll continue to have strong security
  • teachers are preparing, planning and praying for each child even before they walk into our rooms
  • The Bible is our guide for what to teach the children


for trusting us to do everything required (and a WHOLE LOT MORE) to keep your children safe.  We can’t wait to see them.

Susie Low

Graded Choir Coordinator
Graded Choir e-mail:
713.468.8241, ext. 8145


Preparing to sing in Worship on February 2, 2020 with the Orchestra


Singing in Worship on February 2, 2020 with the Orchestra

Music in May 2019

Fun in Choir!

Music in May 2017

music may1 music may2 music may3music may4

Orchestra Members Visit Children’s Choir

orchestra visits choir

Percussion Fun

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Ringing Chimes

IMG_20150616_141625511 IMG_20150616_141631436