Marathon Sunday July 8

Today was a marathon day. Not just because of the length of the day, but there was literally a marathon run right by our hotel this morning. So we had to work our way around that to get to FBC Rio to help lead the service. It was a fantastic time of worship sing with the people and hearing our pastor give a sermon translated by Eddy.

After lunch at FBC Rio we loaded the buses again and headed to Central Baptist Church of Barra da Tijuca to do our final two concerts of the trip. They were back to back and were tiring but were so rewarding. Eddy gave the sermon and this was a really cool experience for the group and he and Brenda because this was a church they started in their living room with about 30-40 people. And it has now grown to over 2,000 members. What an awesome testament to their work. God is good.

Pray for our group as we head back to America tomorrow night!

Central Baptist Church of Barra da Tijuca

First Baptist of Rio de Janeiro

First Baptist of Rio de Janeiro

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