Holy Week Guides



Journey to the Cross is a multi-sensory experience for ages 5 and up that will lead participants to read, pray, and contemplate the week culminating in Jesus’ death on the cross. Pick a day during Holy Week, April 6-11, that you can do this as a family. You will need to get some things together ahead of time so be sure to plan ahead.





Holy Week Readings – Sir, We Want to See Jesus

The Readings are intentionally focused on a few things: scripture passages, and things we have in common with others in the Body of Christ (the Confession and the hymns). We often swim in a sea of words, but we do not drink them in. Here the words are fewer, and hopefully fuller.

The Invocation (John 12:20) is the same through-out the week. Praying this repeatedly deepens and sharpens our desire to see Jesus—to connect significantly with him. Praying this again and again, insistently, stirs our hearts to see Jesus. Nothing and no one else will do.

The General Confession is from the long and wide history of the Church. Prayed line by line, it can take us where we need to go to clean the inside of the cup and to recalibrate our souls.

The Hymn helps us to worship and gives us perspective as we travel through Holy Week. These familiar songs also remind us that we make this journey with others, both those who have gone before us, and those who travel with us.

The Psalms formed the prayer book of Jesus. He read the Psalms we read. The Psalm for the day accompanies or reinforces the content of the day. At least one of the Psalms is quoted by Jesus in the passage for the day.

The focal passage from the Gospel of John takes us through the week along with Jesus and those closest to him. Consider reading it more than once, watching and listening to what is happening.

The questions to Consider will help process what we have taken in so that what we have observed and thought become a part of us and stay with us. (They are also the types of prompts that we can use as we engage with scripture in the future.)

There is space for you to write these things down, to catch your experience in a net of words. This will help you remember this time of seeking Jesus. (“The dullest pencil is more reliable than the sharpest memory.” Dr. Ted Dowell)

Lord, grant that the focus of this process with draw our attention to Jesus—the very One we want to see.