Devoted Resources

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Idea Cards

Marriage Annual Plan
A date night discussion guide.

Teens Open Dialogue
A “cheat sheet” for a parent trying to open up meaningful communication with his or her teen.

Daddy Daughter Movie Night – for web
A movie night discussion guide for dad with a younger daughter.

Marriage Love & Respect
A date night discussion guide to help husbands and wives become intentional about meeting their mate’s greatest need.

Helpful Websites
A Focus on the Family sponsored website where you will find credible advice, practical solutions for today’s problems … and hope for tomorrow.
Helping families thrive. A site that will provide encouraging information for every stage in life.
Brian Haynes, author of The Legacy Path, shares weekly inspirational support for building a strong family and leaving a Christ like legacy for your children and grandchildren.
Downloadable document – “A Guys’ Guide to Marrying Well”
A webzine offering young adults encouragement to live abundantly as singles while seeking God’s best in either celibacy or marriage.