Adopt a Student Program

College students tend to be the most disconnected group from the church, and a lot of the time it is because they feel as though they are forgotten. We hope that through the Adopt a Student program we will create relationships between our sponsors and students that not only help them stay connected to the Body of Christ during their years in college, but will also be long lasting and impacting for years to come!

Semester Requirements:

  • Prepare two care packages per semester for your student
  • Strive to have a meal together at least once in the semester
  • Pray for them constantly (ask them for prayer requests)
  • Speak to them (in text or phone call) at least twice a month
  • Send a card or hand written note (consider including a $5 gift card)

As the semester continues, we will have more students sign up for the program. If you would like to be put on the waiting list until more students register, please click the link below. 
Click here to register as an “adoptive” parent!