Couples Night Out (CNO) is an opportunity for married and engaged couples of all ages, to enjoy a few hours out on the town together. We would love for you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow as a couple in your marriage.  Marriage is under attack by the enemy and we need to do everything we can as couples to protect what God has established and ordained. While you are on your date, we will provide you with questions you can discuss, that will inspire and encourage you.  So sign up below.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Jerome Smith, Family Minister

Stuck at Home Marriage Date Nights replaces Couples Night Out for a season!

Since we are unable to provide childcare during the week at Tallowood for now, we are not able to host our Couples Night Out for the near future.  But…we do have a few alternative ideas to share with you.  The link we are providing will give you and your spouse several awesome ideas about what you can do to encourage one another during this season of life.  So, if you are unable to have a sitter and get out of the house for a while, you can put the kids to bed early one night and open this page to an amazing time together.  Here are ideas for the Relive date night.

Find a few pictures from when you first started dating and view them together.

While looking at the photos, take turns answering the following questions.

  • When did you first notice/see your spouse?
  • What was he/she wearing?
  • What were your first thoughts?
  • When did you first kiss?
  • When did you first say, “I love you?”
  • What is one of your funniest memories together?

So, if you do not have time to do all the date nights over the next few weeks, make it your ambition to at least do this one and follow through with the remaining questions.  You will be so glad you did.  We love you guys and want the very best for you as together, you lead your home and children to follow Jesus in this world.

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