Couples Groups

In the past, numerous couples groups have spent time learning ways to love one another, and to love the Lord while growing their faith in Jesus. This spring we will launch new groups for couples with the following desires:  growing their relationship with each other and the Lord; living out God’s expectations in marriage and family as found in his word; growing in biblical community with other couples.

These small groups of three-four couples will be mentored by another couple that has walked ahead of them in faith, marriage and parenting.

To become a part of one of these dynamic groups, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Consider 2 or 3 other couples that you would like to meet with. (Connect Group friends, neighbors, etc., or be paired with other couples you may not know)

Step 2: Select a mentoring couple.   (If you don’t have someone in mind we can help with suggestions.)

Step 3: Register your group on the Tallowood website at, or register individually to be placed in a group.

Step 4: Plan to join us on Friday, January 24 from 6-9 p.m. for our Couples Launch Party.  At this time your group can consider a time and place to meet and curriculum to study.  We can help with suggestions in these areas.


Register Now for Couples Groups:


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