Back to School Time Capsule



1. Find a container around the house to use for the capsule, ex: mason jar, box (Amazon box or shoe box), Clorox wipes container, etc.

2. Print the activity pages listed below and complete the activities. (If you don’t have a printer,  e-mail and Kara can mail you copies of the activity pages.)

    • Parents, write a prayer you would like to pray for your children this school year.

3. Decorate your jar or box.

  • Make a label out of paper that says “Back to School Time Capsule, DO NOT open until the last day of school.” Tape label to jar or box.
  • Add stickers and/or ribbons for additional decorating.

4. Decide what other items you would like to include. Here are some suggestions:

  • First day of school picture
  • Face mask
  • Trace your child’s hand on a piece of colored construction paper and cut it out. Have your child write their name and their grade on the hand print.
  • Have your child stand up against a wall and use a string to measure your child’s height. Cut off the string the same length as your child. Bundle it together neatly and secure it with a piece of ribbon.
  • Find a kid-friendly headline (newspaper or online) that will remind you about current events.

5. Place the activity pages and any other items in the jar or box.


6. Place it up on a shelf or in a special place. Open the time capsule at the end of the school year to look back on how God has provided and cared for us during this unique year!