About Us


Welcome to the Tallowood Academy of Fine Arts

Launched in the Fall of 2012, the Tallowood Academy of Fine Arts is a premier resource for quality arts education.  It currently includes programs in the discipline of music and art, with intentions of expanding to the other areas.  Our program has a great Christian based learning atmosphere and provides convenience for parents and students wanting to excel in their desired discipline.  The exceptional faculty, each member chosen through a rigorous search and audition process, have trained students over the years and made a significant contribution to the arts in the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring our Tallowood family and community the joy and exhilaration that comes with deep and committed involvement in the arts.

We will provide the best musical and educational guidance possible to help students explore and realize their full potential, fostering their growth as sensitive, responsible, thinking people.

We will recognize the unique value of our distinguished teaching faculty and create an environment where they continue to grow as musicians and artists, bringing the full force of their talents to lessons, classes, and student progress.

We will learn, reevaluate and modify our techniques and methods as teachers and administrators, striving always to build a school where sincere artistic expression is sacred and excellence in craft is attainable.

Mastery of an instrument and deep understanding of great art are priceless.  We dedicate ourselves to giving our students “the joy and exhilaration of knowing a deep thing well.”


Carlos Ichter, Minister of Music  Email Carlos

Debbie Barker, Academy Director  Email Debbie

Sarah Lattimer, Academy Coordinator  Email Sarah