Inside the World of Teenagers – Adult Forum

A forum for parents, grandparents, educators, mentors, and other caring adults.

Presented by Dr. Chap Clark.

The realities of being a teenager have changed radically over the past 15 years. But how has adolescence changed, and how should it inform the way parents and educators interact with the teenagers in their lives? Come hear from Dr. Chap Clark, a respected researcher on adolescent development, as he shares his findings on how teens navigate their pressured and rapidly changing world.

Wednesday, November 14

6:30-8:30 PM | MDPC Amphitheater
$10 /person, $15/couple
Register HERE (A copy of Chap Clark’s book Hurt 2.0 is included with your registration).

Co-Sponsored by the following:

Chapelwood United Methodist Church
Fuller Texas
Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church
Interface-Samaritan Counseling Centers
Memorial Drive United Methodist Church
Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
Northwoods Presbyterian Church
Pines Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St. Phillip Presbyterian Church
Tallowood Baptist Church