Israel – 2013

March 8-17 (Spring Break)

For 11-12th grade students, their parents, and anyone that would like to join us!

Registration is now closed. Contact Jerome Smith for more information.

Purpose for trip:

To provide an opportunity, for every person that graduates from our children’s and student ministry at Tallowood to go to Israel.


That the word of God would come alive. Walk where Jesus walked and see what Jesus saw. The need is great! Not only will we tour the Holy Land, we will be used by God to love others in Jesus’ name.

  • 1/3 of the country lives below poverty level. 600,000 orphans and widows
  • 65,000 Holocaust survivors who live in poverty Only 2% Christian
  • An opportunity to live out Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless those who bless you.”
Cost of the trip:

$3825 per person plus money for 7 meals!

11th-12th Grade participants:

  • $1000 provided from budget if 10 11-12th grade students participate in the trip
  • Less an additional $100 reduction if also participating in High School Mission Trip
  • Less an additional $350 reduction if going with Tallowood Players to Singapore

All other parents, adults, siblings, and participants pay full price.

Note: The trip cost is based on a specific air travel cost. There is the potential that this cost could fluctuate up or down. In that case, we would need to adjust the total cost accordingly.

Requirements and expectations for all participants:
  • Be an active member of Tallowood Baptist Church (not just Sunday School member).
  • Complete and turn in a registration form by September 16th with a $500.00 deposit (refundable until November 1st).
  • Have a current passport by January 1st
  • Participate in all training events: Monday, January 14; Monday, February 11; Monday, March 4
  • Make all payments on time.