Welcome to Children’s Choirs



We eagerly await your children every Wednesday evening.

  • Their enthusiasm is contagious!
  • We’ve planned, prepared, prayed, and we’re ready to go!

It’s a wonderful place for kids to feel safe and loved while learning and living the word of God.

2017-2018 Choir Theme: All Creation Sings – “Let everything that breathes, praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Children's Choir 2017 Final.pdfTallowood children begin organized music classes at age 3, participating joyfully in Bible truths through singing, moving, rhythm, steady beat, creating, and team work. Each year is a new step in worship leadership and participation.

Children enjoy instruments,such as Orff xylophones, Choir Chimes, autoharps, stepbells, and boomwhackers. Every room has ‘singing toys’ and they might have fun with parachutes, lummi sticks, tinikling poles, puppets, and many more things that help them on their journey to honoring and praising God.Children's Choir 2017 Final.pdf

Special Events Include:

  • Singing at Christmas in even years
  • Singing at Thanksgiving in odd years
  • Grade School children might sing in an evening service in the spring
  • Choirs sing with the orchestra – yeah!
  • 1st – 5th completed may participate in the VBS musicalChildren's Choir 2017 Final.pdf
  • At different times, mothers might sing with the children on Mother’s Day or children might sing on Palm Sunday
  • Parent Night at choir in the spring semester

Yes, at Tallowood, children’s choir meetings are F R E E ! That’s right – NO fees are charged for this awesome musical experience! (with the exception of a t-shirt fee in some years where used)

Please join us! Susie Low, Coordinator






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Wednesday Nights for Kids at Tallowood

Here Are the Facts!

Choirs meet from 5:50 – 6:50 p.m. 

Music Time for 3’s (3 by September 1, 2017), meet in Childcare Room, Lynda Reeves, director

Pre-Kindergarten (4 by September 1, 2017), WT104, Jimmie O’Quinn, director

Kindergarten (currently enrolled in Kindergarten), WT202, Sharon Layton, director

1st Grade Choir, WT212, Holly Nederveld & Hannah Lu, directors

2nd Grade Choir, WT205,  Earl Layton & Rhonda Pitts, co-directors

3rd Grade Choir, WT203, Janet Nichols & Diane Guthrie, directors

4th/5th Grade Choir, GREAT Room, Martha Jorgensen & Susie Low, directors

Orff Class, WT206, Jennifer Endicott & Christen Jones, directors

Coordinating Staff – Nancy Lawrence

Many teachers are needed. Please consider joining us!

Missions meets immediately after choir

  • 3’s return to childcare
  • 4 year olds through 5th grade meet from 6:55-7:40

Children will be taken to missions unless a parent is waiting when choir is over.

For additional choir information, contact Susie Low, Children’s Choir Coordinator at 832.320.8145 or email Susie.

For missions information, contact coordinators:

  • Mission Friends for PreK & K children – Allyson Mark, 713.932.1776
  • GA’s for Girls in grades 1-5 – Charlotte Mitchell, 713.722.0118
  • RA’s for Boys in grades 1-5 – David Conway, 832.717.6796, Stephen Johns, 832.714.0195 or Charles Blackmon, 713.849.0192


Fun in Choir!

Music in May 2017

music may1 music may2 music may3music may4

Rehearsing for Christmas Program 2016

christmas 2016

Orchestra Members Visit Children’s Choir

orchestra visits choir

Percussion Fun

20150616_135518 20150616_140010









Ringing Chimes

IMG_20150616_141625511 IMG_20150616_141631436


Puppet Class

Raise the Praise Wed Pic 4