“Late” Registration


Begins December 5


You must find a Head Coach with a team for your child
The instructions below tell you how to find a Head Coach and Team then complete “late registration”.

1st – find a Head Coach who agrees to add your child unto their team

  • Look on the Tallowood web site…tallowood.org and click on Kingdom Basketball
  • On the Kingdom Basketball home page, click on Team Rosters
  • Under Team Rosters section, click on Team Rosters 2017 and find the league (defined by school grade) your child wants to play in
  • Scan through all the teams listed in that desired league that are NOT SHOWN as “FULL” (these are the teams that may be willing to add your child)
  • Of the teams NOT SHOWN as “FULL”, call the Head Coach with the friends your child wants to play with, or the Head Coach with the fewest players if you have no other preferences
  • Once you find a Head Coach who agrees to take your child on their team, have the Head Coach send you an email stating his approval for your named child as well as their name, league and team #

2nd – Register your child at the Tallowood Baptist Church 2nd Floor Office (713.468.8241)

  • Turn in a copy of the Head Coach Email attached to the front of your completed Registration Form (Forms Section)
  • We will process and send you and the Head Coach confirmation that your late registration has been accepted, including confirmation of an available jersey.
  • Call Head Coach to get next practice or game schedule

Questions – Dick Fenn – 281.660.5078, Email DickFenn@hotmail.com