K-2 Development Leagues

Kingdom Basketball church partners want the youngest children to have fun while they learn basketball year-by-year.  We want them to enjoy the game while being taught more each year starting with Kindergarten, 1st and finally 2nd grade leagues. Our teaching goals by league are as follows:  (A majority of league head coaches can vote to change rules.)

Pre-K/K-All teaching (no loss of ball unless “repeated” teaching attempts fail)

  • gym floor layout
  • dribbling the ball
  • passing the ball
  • throwing in the ball
  • shooting (each player shoots 1 free throw each half)
  • playing defense (covering the opposing player with the same color wrist band)

1st-Teaching and Loss of Ball (1st 2 weeks teaching only)

  • double dribbling
  • running with the ball
  • fouling the opposing playing

2nd-Teaching and Loss of Ball (1st 2 weeks teaching only)

  • “rules” based officiating
  • no zone defense
  • no “picks”