How To Join or Form A Team

Joining A Team

Whether or not parents know of friend(s) of their child and/or a parent who wants to be a head coach, they can register their child completing the Registration sections on school and church attending and/or desired friends and coaches.

Forming A Team

Parent(s) wishing to form a team should contact other grade level parents who might be interested and create an agreement of children and volunteer head and assistant coaches, asking each parent upon Registration to list each child and coach.

Registration: All parents register their child separately noting friends and desired coach.

What happens next:  All children registered by December 1 will be placed on a team. Players of parents who do NOT attend may not be placed on a team if too few parents volunteer to coach.

On League/Team Organization Day on the first Saturday in December at Tallowood, all volunteer head and assistant coaches and interested parents meet to form teams in each league, considering other children they might need or want. Every effort is made to place a child on a team with someone they know. Parents who want to interact with prospective coaches to ensure that their child is placed on the most appropriate team are welcome to attend. The Head Coach makes all final decisions on which children make up the team – who and how many.


The Head Coach makes the final decision on which child is on a team and how many on a team!!

Parents should report Registration changes/corrections to Kim Smith, Registrar, Email Kim Smith

Questions on Process – Call Dick Fenn, 281 660 5078, Email