How to be a Coach-Head or Assistant

Questions – Dick Fenn – 281 660 5078; Email

Requirement – Must have a child on the team

Head Coach Background Check Authorization Form (Required by all Head Coaches this season)
1. Fill out and mail in the Coach Background Check Authorization Form (see the Head Coach Background Authorization Form section)

The Form is destroyed by Tallowood once the check is completed – passed or not. If not
passed, you will be notified and such discussed privately. Most problems are from years passed
and approved.

Being A Head Coach- Forming A Team
2. For Head Coach, please let families know that you are coaching and you want their child to play for
you. When registering their child, ask the families to record your name when asked for the
name, phone and email address of their preferred coach. Be sure and advise the families
wanting you to coach, to record their child’s team-mate names when asked during the
registration process.

Being An Assistant Coach – Asking The Head Coach To Help
3. For Assistant Coach, if you know the Head Coach, ask him if he needs help as you want to
volunteer as Assistant Coach. If you do not know the Head Coach or who they will be, attend
Organization Day for your child’s team and then volunteer to the named Head Coach as his
Assistant Coach.

Team Organization Day At Tallowood
4. Arrive early at the Tallowood Organization Day on the first Saturday of December, seek out
the League Commissioner and tell him that you want to be a Coach, whether Head or

5. Participate in the League Team Organization that day at the published League Organization
time. Head Coach candidates must attend and participate.

6. If you are named a Head Coach, fill out and turn in a Head Coach Code of Ethics Form.
The submission of each Head Coach will be checked to ensure compliance.