General Information

The 7 game season is organized over January and through the middle of February to provide fun activities during the ‘dead of Houston winter’ and to finish early enough to minimize conflicts with baseball. The Basketball program is architected with the following characteristics:

For girls PK/K-9th and boys PK/K – 12th grade leagues.

Priority focus on fun and learning; nurturing each player to do their best in building character and a positive self-image as a person and as a player.

Winning is not the highest priority and no team standings are kept.

For grades K – 5th, season practice is Saturday before each game to optimize learning in a “teach/reinforce” mode. Several optional mid-week practices may be offered for some leagues.

K-5 parents do not want to be traveling to practice during the week and as such, coaches are requested not to institute their own practice during the week unless “all” team parents and the league commissioner agrees.

Teams are organized based on friends who want to play together as well as school and church affiliations – not skill based drafts.

Teams are coached by a parent; assuming that the parent can pass a Background Check if not passed in prior years.

Practices are before each game in order to reinforce a ‘teach and learn’ game-player development approach and to negate mid-week travel to practices. The Kindergarten league has one hour for practice (20 minutes) and game (40 minutes). 1st Grade and higher leagues have 1 and one-half hours for practice (40 minutes) and game (50 minutes).

Games are conducted in an “encouraging”environment in which referees are instructed to ensure that adults – parents, fans and coaches – conduct themselves in a positive manner. Fans nor coaches are allowed to criticize at referees, other coaches, church officials, league officials, or players. After 2 warnings by the referee, an adult will be asked to leave the gym facility. Coaches will be required to resign if they violate their signed Head Coach Code of Ethics.

9th grade league parents and players must sign a Zero Tolerance Agreement that requires positive behavior and if negative, a parent or player will be suspended from their league for the remainder of the season.  Zero Tolerance Agreement must be turned in to the Head Coach in order to play the 1st game.

Referees and scorekeepers monitor playing time to ensure that a player plays one quarter per half or half a game.

Coaches are to be sensitive when their team is ‘blowing away’ another team; using their players and playing strategy such to display empathy and sportsmanship in not ‘running up the score’. Referees will ‘remind’ coaches of this responsibility. The referee may choose to “turn off the scoreboard” if the score is distracting from the fun experience. Other rules are in place to prevent a team’s best player from playing a majority of the game when the score for that team is “wop sided” and the number of team players is less than ten.

Coaches should always be positive; reinforcing ‘a positive self image’ to their players.

Coaches are required to sign a ‘Head Coach Code of Ethics’ contract in which they can be removed for violating.
Referees will monitor player behavior and language; counseling players using bad language or playing in any manner which places other players in danger.

Referees are Christian basketball knowledgeable adult men and women; conducting themselves as a Christian teacher in a basketball setting. Most have fulltime church and church school related jobs teaching children in a Christian setting.

Games are played at different churches; depending on the league. More church partners are involved as they share love of children and families and also provide needed gym space required by having practices before games. All church locations are in the Spring Branch area.

Children League players will receive trophies; commemorating their season of “fun, fellowship and learning basketball” in a Christian setting

Head Coaches will receive gifts; negating the need for parents to pay for a gift for the head coach. Assistant Coaches do not receive gifts from Tallowood Basketball.