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  Childrens Devotionals

Grades K through 5th


Jesus said “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”  Mark 10:14 


Week 1: God Created the World

Week 2: God Gives Us Life 

Week 3: God Gave His Son Jesus 

Week 4: God Gave Lessons from Jesus 

Week 5: God Teaches Us to Love Others  

Week 6: God Speaks to Us through the Bible 

Week 7: God Gives Us Parents



  • Assemble the players in a circle at the midcourt line but adjacent to the parents seating so that parents can hear


  • Sit at the top of the circle facing the children and parents


  • Seat coaches, scorekeepers, Jr. referees,  and other referees outside the circle of players – workers & coaches join in


  • Ask all to be quiet in the gym so that the devotional and prayer can best be heard by all


  • Sit down to give the devotional and maintain eye contact with the players


  • Speak loudly enough but in a kindly voice so that parents seated up and down the gym can best hear



Week 1: God Created the World

Theme: God as Creator

Scripture: Colossians 1:15-17

God created our world, the skies, the heavens, every leaf, every flower, and every animal. Jesus was there at the beginning when the world was created.  And, amazingly God asked that we be the caretakers of our world and of one another.  It is up to us to take care of this world that God created.

Devotional Thought: Look around you this week. Look closely at creation. Look closely at one another. God loves you so much he created this world and asked that we be the caretakers of it. How are you being good caretakers?

When you have the opportunity to play basketball, you can thank God! He gave us everything, including basketball!

Prayer: Thank God for the creation and all that is includes.

Week 2: God Gives Us Life

Theme: God made us, and He is always with us to protect us and strengthens us.

Scripture: Hebrews 13: 5b-6

How amazing…the God who created us and created the world for us to care for and to enjoy, has promised to always be with us; to stand beside us and protect us.  God stays with us…even when we grow up! Did you know that you never have to walk alone, no matter your age? When you are in the dark, God is there. When you are alone outside, God is there. God cares for you. God is our creator and our protector.

Devotional Thought: This week as you go to school, go to practice, go and play with your friends, stop for a second and think about God as your protector, and know that you never have to walk through this life alone. You can stop and pause, and thank God for walking with you. It helps to know that God is with you always.

Prayer: Help these children know that you are with them to guide them and to protect them. There is nothing that can separate them from your love.


Week 3: God Gave His Son Jesus

Theme: God made himself known among people through his son, Jesus Christ.

Scripture: John 3:16

God gave us Jesus Christ, His Son. God sent His Son Jesus so that we might know Him. His birth was a miracle. The people thought this new king would be a royal king, a noble king, a wealthy king, for that was the only kind of king the people had ever known. But He was not that kind of king. Jesus was born in a simple stable with farm animals. As He grew into a man, Jesus became a master teacher, teaching and serving the people He met. Jesus, instead of living in a king’s mansion, became servant to all.

Devotional Thought: Jesus is God’s only Son. Jesus came to show us God’s love.  Jesus was God’s Son and He chose to follow God’s plan. God’s plan for Christ was this: He came to the world as a helpless baby. He loved people by teaching, healing, and caring about their needs. He always obeyed God and followed His plan. He died on the cross to take the punishment for our sin. Sin is when I choose my own way, instead of following God’s way of love. Christ could have chosen His own way, but instead He chose God’s plan. One day Christ prayed to His Father. He asked him if there might be another way to show His love for all mankind. But the only way God could show us His great love, was for His only Son Christ Jesus to die on the cross. Christ had courage to follow God’s plan and die on the cross and take the punishment for our sin. The Good News is that the story does not end with Christ’s death on the cross. God raised Christ from the dead, and He is alive today. When we trust and follow Christ, we can know God and live with Him forever.

Prayer: Thank God for Jesus Christ who came to this world to save us and to teach us how to know Him and love Him.


Week 4: God Gave Lessons from Jesus

Theme: Jesus taught his followers and the people whom he met how to follow God.

Scripture: Matthew 22:37

Jesus told his followers and the people whom he met how to know and follow God. But how do we love God, the people asked? Jesus answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might.” This means love God in all that you do, everyday, rain or shine, school or no school, on and off the basketball court. This means loving God through loving others, thanking God for being with us and among us, thanking God for sending Jesus to teach and to save us. God is our creator, God is our protector, God loves you, and God wants your love. We learn much through the lessons of Jesus.

Devotional Thought: When you accept the gift of God’s love, you will show love to God. You can do this many ways. Love and help others. That’s one way to love God. Spend some time thanking God this week. You have much to be thankful for. Even if you lose on the court, you have the opportunity to play. We call talking to God, prayer. Spend time listening to God. This is harder, because you have to be still and really listen….listen with your heart. God speaks in many ways. Sometimes God speaks through a friend, or through creation, or through your parents or your friends. God always speaks through the words and stories in the Bible. Reading the Bible is the best way to listen to God. Be still this week and listen for God.

Prayer: God, in their busy lives, help these children and these families pause to hear your still small voice. Help us all to love you with all our hearts, all our souls and all our might. Be with us on the basketball court today. May we be Christ-like in all our actions.


Week 5: God Teaches Us to Love Others

Theme: Jesus taught his followers and the people whom he met how to follow God.

Scripture: Matthew 22:38-39

One day as Jesus was going through the town teaching, performing miracles, and loving the people, some town leaders asked Him an important question. They were trying to figure out who this Jesus was.  “Jesus”, they asked him, “what is the most important commandment?” The commandments are a set of rules that the people of God are to follow. Jesus’ answer was very important. “Love one another as God has loved you.” Jesus told his followers to love one another just like God loves them. God loves you so much that He sent Jesus His Son to teach us and to save us. One way we learn more about Jesus is to listen to His words found in the Bible. Love one another like God loves you. When you pray and ask God to show you how to do this, He will!

Devotional Thought: I have a challenge for each of you. Ask God to show you how to love others. Take care of one another, help one another, and be kind to one another. When you do this you not only make our community a better place, you share God’s love. Loving others is one way to love God. Now that’s pretty awesome!

Prayer: Thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ. Help these children obey your commandment to love one another like you love them. May they learn more about your love as the learn how to love others. Thank you for loving these children so much that you sent your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to show kindness and good sportsmanship today.

Week 6: God Speaks to Us through the Bible 

Theme: God gave us the Bible.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16

Do you ever wonder, “How does God speak to people today?” That is a very good question. God speaks to us through the Bible. Everything we need to know about God and His Son Jesus is written in the Bible. God gave us the Bible. Every word in the Bible is true. The Bible tells us that God is love and that He loves us. The Bible tells us that God loves everyone in the world. The Bible tells us about Jesus, God’s only Son. The Bible helps us know how to live in ways that please God. The stories in the Bible are true. Stories in the Bible teach us about God, Jesus, creation, family and friends, worship, prayer, giving, and loving others. The Bible is the most important book in the world.

Devotional Thought: It is important to read the Bible every day. When we read the Bible, we know how God wants us to live and what He wants us to do. Do you have a Bible? I hope you read your Bible each day. If you do not have a Bible, please tell your coach, and we will give you a Bible.

Pray: Thank you God for the Bible. Help us to understand and follow your words.


Week 7: God Gives Us Parents


Theme: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

Scripture: Ephesians 6: 1

A preacher died and his wife became a widow with two sons.  How would they have money for food and clothes? Where would they live? Then the mother remembered God’s promises.  God will help in times of trouble.  She went to see the man of God, a preacher named Elisha.  Elisha said to the woman, “Tell me, what is of value in your house today?”  The woman replied, “The only thing I have is a small amount of oil.”  Elisha told her to go to her neighbors and ask for empty jars.  Then Elisha said, “When you have the jars, take your sons and the jars inside your house and shut the door.  Pour all the oil you have into all the empty jars.”

The mother told her sons what Elisha said.  Her sons chose to obey their mother. They brought the jars to her so she could fill them with oil. All the jars were filled with oil. It was amazing to see so many jars full of oil. When she sold the oil, there was enough money to provide for her family’s needs. The mother and her two sons were thankful.  God took care of their family.

Devotional Thought: It is good the widow’s sons obeyed their mother. They listened to her and chose to obey. Think about how they obeyed. They did not say to her “I’m tired, I want to go outside and play, my friends will laugh at me if we ask for empty jars” What happens when you obey? It pleases God. It is the right thing to do. It shows love to your parents. You get to see God working in your family!

Prayer:  Thank you God for our parents.  Help us to obey them as we would obey You.