I.C. July

What is I.C.July? In the month of July, we want you to carve out time  to have Intentional Community. That’s why we are choosing to simplify the Wednesday night program for most of the month of July (3, 10, 17 and 24). On these Wednesday nights, there will be no meal, childcare, or ministry programs. Slow down and plan for intentional community with neighbors, friends, or family. Use Wednesday evenings (or any time that works for you) to focus on making and strengthening relationships.

I.C. Ideas:  

Watermelon Wednesday – Gather with friends or family and enjoy a cold slice of watermelon. Consider the “4th of July at Home” Guide and make plans to celebrate our nations Godly heritage.

Movie Night with the friends or family! Watching movies together can be fun and intentional.

Game Night at home. Find a new game to play and invite neighbors or friends over for the evening.

Prayer walk your neighborhood.

Play putt-putt with family or friends and then enjoy ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Summer Serve Night plan an opportunity to serve others.

Table Talk gather with friends or family. Plan a dinner around a new recipe, go shopping for the ingredients and everyone works together to prepare and serve a great meal.

Summer Movies

Watching movies together as a family can be fun and intentional. Watch together and use the following questions to open up dialogue.

  • What was the “big idea” in the story?
  • Who were the main characters and what were they hoping for or trying to achieve?
  • What qualities did you admire in the main characters?
  • What qualities did not honor God?
  • What themes or scenes from this film touch issues of faith and/or morality?
  • Did the story affirm our beliefs or undermine them?

Prayer Walk Your Neighborhood

Don’t shy away from this idea. You can do it. Gather together and ask God to guide you as you walk and talk with Him in your neighborhood.

  • Pray with your eyes open as you go.
  • Pray for the people you see and the people who live in the homes you walk past.
  • Thank God for your neighborhood and for all you see- the trees, flowers, landscape.
  • If you pass a neighbor, greet Him and carry on a conversation. If the Spirit allows, ask if there is anything you can pray with them about.
  • Walk in silence from time to time and listen to what God may be saying.
  • Quote scripture, you have memorized, as you walk down the sidewalk. You are praying His Word back to Him.
  • Ask God to use you in your neighborhood, with your neighbors, to share the love of Jesus with everyone you can.

Serve Others

Plan an opportunity to serve others. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take flowers to a person in a retirement home or hospital
  • Mow and clean a neighbor’s yard
  • Pick up trash at a nearby park
  • Volunteer at Houston food bank
  • Go shopping for a stay-at-home mom
  • Bake cookies and distribute to your neighbors

…All in the name of Jesus.

“Let your light shine before men, that they see your God work and glorify your Father in Heaven” – Matthew 5:16