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Dr. Duane Brooks began his ministry at Tallowood Baptist Church on Sunday, May 17, 1998. He is a graduate of Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth and Baylor University in Waco. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Baylor University, cum laude, in 1984, and his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1987. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Baylor University in 1991.

Alan Duane Brooks was born in Amarillo, Texas, on July 25, 1962. His father was in the Air Force so he spent his growing-up years in many places. They lived in Alaska during the great Anchorage Earthquake and then in Florida, Missouri, and Illinois. At the age of seven, his family moved to Germany for four years, and returned to Germany for four more years after living in Washington, D. C. He spent his last two years of high school in Great Falls, Montana, before returning to Texas for his higher education.

He married Melanie Jo Freeman of Temple, Texas, on June 9, 1984.Their oldest son, Graham, and his wife, Abigail, reside here in Houston. Their son, Chase, resides in Arkansas and their daughter, Casey, is a senior in high school. Melanie is a graduate of Baylor University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She is also a talented musician and plays several instruments.


“When I was seven years old, my mother shared Christ with me in our apartment in Schrollbach, West Germany. I knelt beside my bed and prayed to invite Christ into my life. I was baptized soon afterward at Faith Baptist Church in Einsiedlerhof, West Germany. Immediately, my older brothers and I became involved in R.A.’s. I shared my faith with my friend, Renee’ Mitsusawa. He accepted Christ and began going to R.A.’s with us. Using the Good News for Modern Man, the Lord allowed me the opportunity to share my faith with friends and neighbors. This continued into my early junior high years when I surrendered to the ministry and began to preach.”


The Brooks family came to Tallowood from New Hope First Baptist Church in Cedar Park, Texas, near Austin, where Dr. Brooks was pastor for six years. While at New Hope, he wrote a weekly editorial called “Hope for the Heart” for the Hill Country News, a local newspaper. He was licensed to preach at Highland Baptist Church in Great Falls, Montana, at the age of sixteen and ordained to the ministry at age eighteen.He has served as pastor of Williams Creek Baptist Church in Mart, Texas (1985-1992), Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Rosebud, Texas (1981-1985), pastoral intern at Waco Baptist Association (1984), and Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, Texas (1980-1981). Over the years, Dr. Brooks has led revival services and conferences in Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Illinois, Colorado, Missouri, and Texas, as well as international Bible conferences. In recent years, he has preached at Paisano, a cowboy camp meeting in West Texas, as well as Zambia, Brazil and Germany, and led a conference for missionaries who serve in Central Asia.


During his work on his B.A. at Baylor, he enjoyed studying history and religion, receiving scholarships in those disciplines. At Southwestern Seminary, he was nominated for the Presidential Award and graduated with a 4.0 grade point average. When he entered the Ph.D. program at Baylor, he received a University Scholarship. As a graduate student in the area of New Testament, he studied under Mikeal Parsons and Robert Sloan and was allowed the privilege of presenting a paper at the Society of Biblical Literature, a professional organization for Biblical scholars. This led to his dissertation, “Responses to the Light: Sight and Blindness in the Characters of John 9.” It has been his honor to write Sunday School literature for Texas Baptists. In 2010, he wrote a doctrinal study book called This Magnificent Salvation, published by BaptistWay Press. He continues to write online daily devotional studies and is currently writing online commentaries for BaptistWay Press. He has been a member of the Texas Baptist Executive Board and the Human Welfare Board of the BGCT. Dr. Brooks has served on the Board of Regents at Baylor University and is currently Adjunct Professor in the areas of Preaching and New Testament Theology at Houston Baptist University.

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